Do you offer a sponsorship program?

We do have a sponsorship program. You can find more details on our Sponsorship page here.


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    Can you sponsor me @daddybeans1 on Instagram?

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    I’m a owner of a upcoming team and hopefully future organization I would love for chairs4gmaing to sponsor my team it would really help

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    I’m a leader for a upcoming clan I was wondering if You guys can please support us in this journey we are an upcoming fortnite clan- ig team.vainszn

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    Kobe Baidoo

    hello i am a team leader of JELLY i was wondering if i could get a sponsership from you guys because it would really help because my team needs chairs

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    Hey I am wondering if I can get a sponsor ship my team needs chairs and my Insta is @r_e_c_team_ email me at

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